RINE: NFL Week 2


Chicago 22, Green Bay 18

The Packers are staring at 0-2 at home. What in the name of Paul Hornung is going on here? Well, for one Green Bay got burned deep so much last season that it is playing very soft coverage, allowing a lot of underneath stuff. Offensively the Packers are one-dimensional because they don’t have a run game.


N.Y. Giants 27, Tampa Bay 17

Perhaps the surprise of Week 1 was the re-emergence of the Buccaneers who totally shut down Cam Newton last week. Can they pull off the same trick against Eli Manning and the Giants? Not likely.

New Orleans 38, Carolina 16

A pretty good NFC South team is about to be 0-2. You have to figure that given his pedigree, Drew Brees won’t allow that to be the Saints. But beware, because even if Jonathan Vilma was in the lineup the New Orleans defense is still soft.

New England 35, Arizona 12

Kevin Kolb vs. Tom Brady doesn’t have a great ring to it, unless you’re the Patriots. New England showed off its rebuilt defense last week and will probably do it again. The Cardinals need to find a running game, and quickly?

Minnesota 26, Indianapolis 21

The journey doesn’t get any easier for one Andrew Luck. This week he has to face what is sure to be a fired up Jared Allen, who was shut down last week. The Vikings are thrilled to have Adrian Peterson back at full go so soon.

Philadelphia 31, Baltimore 24

The way the Eagles looked last week, it’s not hard to assume the Browns are the only team they are capable of beating. Not a good sign against a Ravens defense that saw Ray Lewis chart nearly 20 tackles and Ed Reed score another TD. But …

Buffalo 10, Kansas City 7

Fans of the Chiefs are already calling for the head of the coach and GM, while Bills backers are ready for Ryan Fitzpatrick to take a hike. Which offense will finally get untracked is up in the air. But on a hunch, go with the home team.

Cincinnati 3, Cleveland 0

The only other time I see this much orange in one place, is deer season. Brandon Weeden was awful, Trent Richardson abysmal and the Browns were very much themselves in a loss to the Eagles. The Bengals, meanwhile, were blasted by the Ravens.

Houston 33, Jacksonville 13

Perhaps the easiest pick of the week. Both the Texans and Jaguars proved they are who we thought they were in Week 1. Houston presents way too much balance and Jacksonville not enough. Believe it or not, the Jags had a fine day throwing the ball last week.

Oakland 14, Miami 11

Here’s hoping this game isn’t broadcast in the vicinity of women and children. Neither of these teams have anything positive going for them. So we’ll go with the one that employs Owen Schmitt.

Dallas 23, Seattle 17

How about those Cowboys? More like, how about the guy (me) that called their upset last week? Tony Romo won his most meaningful regular-season game last week, but now he must go half way across country in what will likely be bad weather.

St. Louis 26, Washington 20

How impressive were Robert Griffin III and the Redskins? The problem with rookie QBs though, is the results rarely match from one week to the next. The Rams let one get away last week against the Lions, but won’t make the same mistake twice.

San Diego 28, Tennessee 7

The Chargers got off to a good start, which hasn’t been the case recently. They beat what is going to be a struggling Oakland team for much of the season. Nice of Chris Johnson to steal from the Titans. He hasn’t been the same since he signed his big contract.

Pittsburgh 32, N.Y. Jets 20

Overreaction came from all corners late Sunday night, but rest assured: the death of the Steelers has been greatly exaggerated. Let’s wait until they have a full lineup before we pass judgment. Would really hate to be Mark Sanchez this week.

San Francisco 34, Detroit 24

The 49ers have the opportunity to take out a pair of playoff teams from last season in the first two weeks. Based on what I saw out of these two teams in their respective openers, this is an easy call.


Atlanta 40, Denver 25

The Dirty Birds are back, ladies and gentlemen. There may not be a more explosive offense in the NFL this season than the one that includes Matt Ryan, Julio Jones, Tony Gonzalez, Roddy White and Michael Turner. Denver certainly won’t slow it down.

Shawn Rine can be reached via e-mail at Rine@theintelligencer.net