Rine’s Week 4 NFL Picks


Baltimore 30, Cleveland 9

In the words of my 1-year-old daughter, ”ucky!” I know every team gets a primetime game, but some are just too painful to watch. The Browns remain the only team in the AFC North without a victory and that won’t change here.


Houston 23, Tennessee 10

Is there a more difficult team – other than Pittsburgh – to get a read on, than the Titans? Up one week and down the next, they are coming off a victory against the Lions. The Texans appear, at least so far, appear to be the best the AFC has to offer.

San Diego 21, Kansas City 17

Man, I don’t know many who saw that Chiefs victory at New Orleans coming. Just don’t expect lightning to strike twice in a row. Something that you – and I didn’t – may not realize, is K.C. has the top-ranked offense in the league.

Seattle 27, St. Louis 14

Sam Bradford was back to getting beat up last week, a trend that absolutely has to stop if the Rams want to get anything back from their investment. At this point I’m more confident in a Russell Wilson-led team.

New England 35, Buffalo 10

I’ve tried to tell everyone these aren’t your dad’s Patriots. No, they are a shell of what they once were but somehow Bill Belichick is still a genius. That being said, its likely C.J. Spiller won’t play for the Bills.

Minnesota 24, Detroit 12

Matt Stafford may not play for the Lions. That’s a problem since I bet almost all of you has to look up who the backup is for the Lions. I’ll save you the time and let you know it’s Shaun Hill. The Vikings are coming off the season’s biggest upset.

Atlanta 36, Carolina 26

I’d have to say the Falcons should be the favorites right now to come out of the NFC. This offense is something scary right now. The Panthers are still young and inexperienced and Cam Newton has been getting in trouble by trying to do too much.

San Francisco 20, N.Y. Jets 7

We found out the 49ers are humans after all, something that previously didn’t look possible. They’ll be OK in the long run as long as they keep giving the ball to Frank Gore. The Jets are in first place in the AFC East but lost Darrelle Revis to an ACL injury.

Arizona 23, Miami 3

The first-place Cardinals are about to move to 4-0, and with a quarterback in Kevin Kolb who wasn’t even thought good enough to start the season. The Dolphins on the other hand are simply awful.

Denver 13, Oakland 6

The way this works is the Raiders will now not score a total of 34 points in the next four weeks. Has Peyton Manning reached his first must win in Colorado?

Cincinnati 27, Jacksonville 17

The recipe for success in Jacksonville is getting Maurice Jones-Drew roughly 35 touches an outing. They did that last week and as a result posted their first victory. The Bengals, however, continue to beat up on the weak.

Green Bay 23, New Orleans 20

This looked like must-see TV when the schedule came out. Not any more as the Saints have stumbled out of the blocks at 0-3. The Packers haven’t been up to their standards as of yet.

Tampa Bay 18, Redskins 12

Seems as though Robert Griffin III can’t do it all by himself, yet that is exactly what the Redskins are asking of him. It’s not working out very well after a Week 1 victory. Getting a healthy Pierre Garcon back would help.

N.Y. Giants 31, Philadelphia 14

The Eagles finally ran out of luck last week and were humbled. Expect another serving of that humble pie this week courtesy of the champs.


Chicago 36, Dallas 0

The Bears defense is getting back to its old form and is making life difficult on opposing quarterbacks. Probably not a good thing for mistake-prone Tony Romo.

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