Rine’s Week 5 NFL Picks


St. Louis 23, Arizona 20

You can’t help but be impressed with what the Rams have been able to accomplish, given their roster. The same, I guess, could be said of the Cardinals who enter undefeated. Given that it’s at home, we’ll go with St. Louis on rookie Greg Zuerlein’s field goal.


Baltimore 27, Kansas City 14

There’s nothing more I would rather do than pick against the Ravens here, but I just don’t think the Chiefs have it in them. Baltimore is leading the North but hanging on by a thread.

Atlanta 30, Washington 17

The Falcons have come back down to Earth a little bit, yet keep finding a way to win. Did you realize that Michael Turner caught his first career touchdown pass last week? Did you also notice the Redskins aren’t very good?

Pittsburgh 28, Philadelphia 14

This is as close to a must-win for the Steelers this early in the season, as I can remember. Perhaps the Eagles’ leaky O-line is exactly what is needed to get the Pittsburgh defense going. Also never thought I would say this: Thank goodness Rashard Mendenhall is back.

Green Bay 24, Indianapolis 7

Replacement refs or the real ones, the Packers keep coming up on the short end of the stick this season. Luckily for them, they overcame last week. Still though, Green Bay is a shell of the team it was last season.

N.Y. Giants 34, Cleveland 6

The Giants are coming off a stinker on Sunday night, so it couldn’t be a worse time for the Browns to be coming to town. Who am I kidding? It’s never a good time for the Browns to come to any town.

Cincinnati 26, Miami 22

Haven’t we seen this show somewhere before? The Bengals run up a surprisingly nice record, only to find out they haven’t played anyone? Oh well, that should continue this week.

Carolina 20, Seattle 19

At some point Cam Newton is going to have to stop showboating and, you know, actually win a game. Put all that stuff to the side and just play, man. The Seahawks are about as hard to figure out as any team in the NFL to this point.

Chicago 25

Jacksonville 9

Rarely does a week go by when I don’t feel better about the Bears than the week before. Like the Steelers, they keep hearing how old the defense is, yet still produce. The Jags are just scuffling along in obscurity.

San Francisco 36, Buffalo 20

The 49ers are good – real good – but it doesn’t change the fact they haven’t played anyone with a pulse. Seems as though that continues this week. Ryan Fitzpatrick would get picked off if he was throwing against air.

Minnesota 17, Tennessee 3

Maybe it’s time to start believing in this Christian Ponder character. Well, let’s be honest, it never hurts having the NFL’s best back lining up behind you. Even if Jake Locker plays, and it’s no guarantee, the Titans will fall.

New England 47, Denver 12

Great, just what we need – a week of fawning about the latest Peyton Manning-Tom Brady matchup. Let me give you a bit of advice, national media: nobody cares. The Patriots roll behind the running of Stevan Ridley.

San Diego 33, New Orleans 31

This looked like a marquee matchup when the schedule came out. Now it looks just like any other game. Even with the distractions, nobody can say they saw this coming from the Saints.


Houston 37, N.Y. Jets 6

What a joke the Jets have become. Rex Ryan will be the first coach fired this season, mark it down. It’s time to put Tim Tebow in at quarterback.

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