Rine’s Week 6 NFL Picks


Pittsburgh 37, Tennessee 10

I’m not naive enough to think the Steelers are a great team right now, but they’re a heckuva lot closer to being one than the Titans are. Tennessee cannot run the ball and that’s probably not a good thing when you have a young quarterback.


Atlanta 36, Oakland 6

Falcons: ‘So you’re telling me the only thing we have to do to start our season 6-0 is beat the Raiders?’ Yep, I’m here to tell you just that. You know who the MVP is right now? It’s not Brady or Manning or Rodgers, it’s Matty Ice.

Tampa Bay 26, Kansas City 12

It’s gotten so bad in Kansas City that the home fans are cheering when their quarterback goes down injured. Are you kidding me? Show a little respect, because the Buccaneers sure won’t.

Indianapolis 27, N.Y. Jets 14

Yes, I see you, Andrew Luck. The rookie led a comeback victory against the Packers last week and there’s absolutely nothing to keep me from thinking he won’t beat Mark Sanchez.

Cincinnati 30, Cleveland 3

The Steelers playing Thursday means one thing: This will be the game shown on our local CBS affiliate. When in doubt, go with the team that has actually won a game this season.

Detroit 32, Philadelphia 28

Hard to say who needs this one more. Even more difficult to figure out who has the fortitude to step up and take this one. On a hunch, I think the Lions and Matt Stafford get back on track.

Miami 17, St Louis 12

A couple of up-and-coming teams to do battle in South Florida. The Dolphins are coming off a surprising victory and will make it two in a row here. Danny Amendola has been the favorite target of Rams QB Sam Bradford, and he won’t play.

Baltimore 6, Dallas 3

It’s fairly clear that the Ravens aren’t world beaters this year, either. That squeak job against the Chiefs is proof enough for me. That being said, I picked ‘Bye’ over the Cowboys last week and got it correct.

Arizona 38, Buffalo 13

The Cardinals got a nice little wake-up call last week, though it doesn’t sound like a repeat is about to happen. The Bills put forth one of the worst performances in recent memory last week.

Seattle 23, New England 20

A lot of good football teams are having to make the trek to Washington this season. Not so coincidentally, all will leave with losses. Just too tough of a venue for teams not accustomed to such.

N.Y. Giants 25, San Francisco 24

Thought we were going to have one of those classic Giants hiccups last week when they fell behind 17-7 to Cleveland. They do that this week and they’ll lose by 40.

Minnesota 21, Washington 14

RG3 suffered a “mild” concussion, whatever that means. He says he’ll play in this one, but I have my doubts. Christian Ponder finally threw his first interception last week but won’t add to it here.

Houston 34, Green Bay 17

This could be a trap game for the Texans. Given the struggles of the Packers, it wouldn’t be all that surprising if they were overlooked. I don’t think so, but unfortunately this is about the time of season Houston normally loses a key player to injury.


San Diego 26, Denver 13

Ah, you have to love primetime AFC West games. Could anything possibly be more torturing? OK, that Bengals-Browns game up there, but I digress. It’s bounce back time for the Chargers.

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