Rine’s Week 10 NFL Picks


Indianapolis 13, Jacksonville 2

When I was younger, my friends and I had a ‘bad idea ball,’ where we wrote down things we shouldn’t have done after the fact. Had we been in control of Thursday night games, airing this one would have gone on that ball before it was played.


New Orleans 30, Atlanta 20

At some point, the Falcons’ luck is going to run out, and this just may be the week. Sure Atlanta is the league’s lone unbeaten, but it hasn’t exactly played a tough schedule.

Detroit 25, Minnesota 15

Some guy named Mikel Leshoure has given the Lions some much needed balance offensively. The Vikings, specifically pretty boy QB Christian Ponder, have taken step backward.

Denver 23, Carolina 10

Did you know Peyton Manning and Andrew Luck have the same number of yards and their teams’ the same records? That means nothing here, but thought I would pass it on.

Tampa Bay 23, San Diego 16

Coming off a bye (yes, I know they played the Chiefs), one would reasonably assume the Chargers would have their house in order. Then you realize that house is still run by Norm. In this case, it’s not a good thing for everyone to know your name.

Miami 17, Tennessee 14

Chris Johnson has finally put a couple solid games together, fittingly right after I traded him from my fantasy team. However, look for him to be upstaged this week by Daniel Thomas.

New England 24

Buffalo 6

Trying to figure out who will start at running back for the Bills. Nevermind, because it doesn’t matter. The Patriots are rested and ready.

Oakland 16, Baltimore 13

The Ravens have found out objects in the mirror are closer than they appear. With the Steelers breathing down their necks, it’s about time Flacco goes into choke mode.

N.Y. Giants 22

Cincinnati 7

Eli Manning was the second-best QB in New York last week, though that shouldn’t be the case as he goes up against the Red Rifle. The Bengals are fading quickly. How Marvin Lewis has been there 10 years, has not won a playoff game and still has a job, is beyond me.

Seattle 20, N.Y. Jets 12

There are few things that please me in field, other than to see Rex Ryan fail. I have no problem with guys running their traps as long as they have won something. Ryan has not.

San Francisco 35, St. Louis 14

In order to keep him healthy, the Rams have limited the number of snaps Steven Jackson is on the field. Yeah. Real good idea taking your best player off the field.

Philadelphia 6, Dallas 0

Trivia: name the only NFC East team the Steelers haven’t beaten. The answer is the Cowboys, but only because they have yet to play. Stick a fork in Dallas.

Chicago 27, Houston 20

At some point, the Texans are going to come back to the field just a bit. What better time than on national television against a red-hot Bears squad?


Pittsburgh 33, Kansas City 3

You think Todd Haley is licking his chops for this one? Especially now since the real Steelers seem to be back? This one will be finished by halftime.

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