Nailers Suspend Veilleux

WHEELING – Keven Veilleux missed all of last season recovering from a knee injury and was sent to Wheeling by the Pittsburgh Penguins to get into game shape, but that won’t be possible any time soon. Veilleux was suspended indefinitely by the Nailers for allegedly using a racial slur during Sunday’s victory against South Carolina.

”I’m horrified and I’m disgusted,” Wheeling alternate governor Tim Roberts said. ”It will not be tolerated.”

Veilleux and South Carolina’s Scooter Vaughan, who is African American, fought twice in a 5-0 Wheeling rout. The two were involved in their first incident at 6:48 of the third, and it ended with Veilleux pushing Vaughan through the door to the Nailers’ bench.

That wasn’t enough for Veilleux, however. He stood for a while in the penalty box, shouting at Vaughan, and this is allegedly the point the slur was used.

After those majors expired, both players remained on the ice for the next face-off. Veilleux could be seen yelling ‘let’s go’ in Vaughan’s direction, but was ushered to the bench by an official with an apparent equipment problem.

The 6-foot-5, 224-pound Veilleux didn’t stay there long, though. His legs dangled over the bench the entire time, and he jumped back on the ice at the first opportunity. The two took off their helmets and squared off at center ice with Vaughan getting in some early shots before Veilleux buckled him with a right uppercut.

Vaughan played with the Nailers last season and was seen chatting and joking with his former teammates in the parking lot after the game, prior to getting onto the team bus.

Both the Nailers and the ECHL office said they will have further comment this morning.