Pavilack Enjoys Time as Voice of the Patriots

WHEELING – There are some people who spend their whole lives dealing with sports and never step foot on a playing surface.

Jacob Pavilack is one of those people.

Though you may have never met, nor seen the 17 year old, if you’re a fan of Wheeling Park athletics, there’s a good chance you know his voice.

Pavilack is the play-by-play voice for the Patriots during football and basketball season. However, the Park senior’s talents do not end there as he also runs the video operating board for Wheeling Nailers home games as well as being the Audio Director for the Washington Wild Things.

“I started my eighth grade year at AM 1600 where I was brought on as the sports director, so I started getting interested in that,” Pavilack recalled. “Then when I was a freshman, I found out (Park) had a radio and TV class. I took the radio class and loved it ever since.”

The Wheeling native’s love of sports started long before high school where, at the age of 10, he began to play baseball.

“I’d get the giant baseball and basketball reference books and just read through them,” he said. “Then I played basketball for the freshman team and called the varsity games on the radio. That was pretty cool.”

Though the days of Pavilack stepping on a court again are slim to none. According to the senior, that’s fine with him.

“I wouldn’t have the talents to play,” he joked. “I enjoy calling the game just as much, maybe even a little more.”

And when it comes to calling a football or a basketball game, there’s no question to which one Pavilack would rather do.

“Definitely basketball,” he said without hesitation. “In football, a lot of times it could be a blowout. There are not as many blowouts in basketball. In basketball, anything can happen. I’ve seen in the last few minutes of (basketball) games some crazy moments. That’s the thing that excites me about basketball. Anyone can win on any given day. The best shooting team can fall flat and the underdog can somehow pull off an upset.”

Since attending Wheeling Park basketball games during the past four years, Pavilack isn’t ashamed to admit he has a favorite player.

“Bubby Goodwin. My most memorable moment is going to the regional championship held in Preston. It’s a pretty crazy place to play and Bubby hit a last-second shot to win the game. He hit a mid-range jumper off the backboard and the place went nuts.”

Though after Pavilack graduates he wants to be a commercial airline pilot (he is actively involved with the Allegheny County airport in trying to get his private pilots license), he will never forget his time behind the mic.

“The feedback I’ve gotten over the past four years has been awesome,” he said. ”It just goes to show that even though we’re a small, high school station, there’s still a great community that keeps up with Wheeling Park athletics. And whenever they can’t make it to the game, they always tune in and listen. It’s always nice to hear feedback.”

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