Deinhardt Races First Since Boston

WHEELING – Miriam Deinhardt donned her 2013 Boston Marathon T-shirt for Saturday’s 37th annual Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic as a reminder that she has some unfinished business to take care of.

The Ogden race was the first competitive run for Deinhardt since the Boston Marathon. The 63-year-old Wheeling resident’s first attempt at running the Boston Marathon was cut short at the 25-mile mark when two pressure cooker bombs exploded near the finish line, killing three people and injuring hundreds more.

Because Deinhardt completed more than half the course before the bombing, she will be invited to run again in 2014. In spite of what happened, she has no reservations about going back to Boston next year, and she suspects many of her fellow runners feel the same way.

“They targeted the wrong people,” she said. “Marathoners are very resilient people.”

Though she was more than a mile away from the finish line when the bombs detonated, word of what happened traveled rapidly among the runners left on the course. With cell phone service interrupted for hours in the aftermath, Deinhardt found herself stranded, alone, in a strange city with no way to find out where her family was.

“It was chaos every place. … The biggest fear was I knew my husband was going to be at the finish line. … It was actually two hours before I found out that he was OK,” Deinhardt said.

Coming off knee surgery that sidelined her for last year’s Ogden race, Deinhardt finished Saturday with a time of just over 2:23:00 – about 20 minutes shy of her personal best on the course, but well exceeding her expectations entering the event.

“This felt good,” she said after crossing the finish line. “It was hard to watch it last year and not be able to run it.”