Jeffers Makes Goal

WHEELING – Eight months ago, Bonnie Jeffers was unable to walk without a walker.

On Saturday, Jeffers walked the 5K portion of the Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic, the culmination of her journey to “get her health back.”

After undergoing gastric bypass surgery, Jeffers lost 118 pounds. She said she began walking without assistance, and set Saturday’s race as a goal.

“I just wanted to do something for myself, to prove to myself I could do it,” she said.

She said a year ago as she struggled with her weight, she could not have imagined participating in a race, let alone a 5K.

“I wouldn’t have even thought about something like this,” she said.

As she prepared for the start of Saturday’s race, she said her participation was proof that her quest to become healthy again was successful.

“I’m so glad I’m able to accomplish this,” she said.