Medical Tent Is Always Prepared for Anything

WHEELING -Armed with a cardiac monitor, stretchers and plenty of medical professionals, the medical tent at the Ogden Half Marathon Classic Run and Walk was prepared for whatever ailment runners might have.

A chilly Saturday morning put out the possibility of heat-related injuries, but according to Dr. Mike Kovalick, runners could still experience heart issues or pulled muscles after a race.

“Usually the big problem is the heat and this year it certainly won’t be the heat,” Kovalick said. “We have nurses and technicians from the emergency room that can assist with anything we need to do. If there is anything really serious, we’ll send them to the emergency room to get treated.”

As for tips for recovery after the race, Kovalick advised runners and walkers to make sure they cool down and keep hydrated.

“Most of the runners are in good condition,” Kovalick said. “Most prepare for this race and they are in pretty good shape and do well.”