Rine’s Week 3 NFL Picks


Philadelphia 34, Kansas City 17

An awful lot of intrigue here with Andy Reid returning to his old stomping grounds with, believe it or not, an undefeated Chiefs team. The Eagles are putting up all kinds of yardage but the defense is having a tough time containing the opposition. That defense should get well this week.


San Diego 23, Tennessee 20

A couple of surprise teams right here. The Chargers went across country and won – something they almost never do – while the Titans should have beaten Texas. San Diego is making another flight, just not quite as far as the last one. Can the Chargers do it twice in a row? Yes.

New Orleans 27, Arizona 12

The Saints have been anything but themselves in the early going, yet found a way to pull one out last week. The Cardinals are about where we thought they would be – middle of the pack, but capable of jumping up to bite anyone, on any given Sunday. Just not this one.

St. Louis 18, Dallas 16

Not completely sure the Rams are ready for prime time just yet. We see glimpses every now and then, like Tavon Austin’s two touchdowns last week, but it’s time to take that next step. In this case, that’s putting numbers in the victory column. Jerry World is a good a place as any to start.

Minnesota 22, Cleveland 9

The Browns are the worst team in the worst division in football. At least they have that going for them. Once again Cleveland can’t score because of a lack of firepower at the receiver position. The defense is good enough to keep them in games.

Baltimore 26, Houston 21

Two of the more disappointing teams in the league right now. The Ravens are also hurting at receiver and the defense thus far has been uninspiring. The Texans, meanwhile, keep falling behind early and have to dig out of holes. That will catch up to you at some point.

N.Y. Giants 30, Carolina 7

Combined record of 0-4 with more turnovers than your average bakery. The Giants have been putting up monster yardage but are hamstrung by a lack of a running game. The Panthers are hamstrung by being the Panthers.

Detroit 28, Washington 20

So all that noise we heard – minute-by-minute updates – about RGIII’s unbelievable comeback from wrecking his knee was just noise. A cautionary tale of what happens when you rush yourself back. Kirk Cousins would be a much better option right now, at least until Griffin gets right.

New England 33, Tampa Bay 0

How Greg Schiano is the head coach of an NFL team is beyond me. Trying a long field goal and giving Drew Brees a short field to work with for a victory? Not very smart, Gregory. The Patriots are a shell of their former selves, but still more than capable of beating the Bucs.

Cincinnati 24, Green Bay 14

The Bengals and Packers both avoided the dreaded 0-2 start, but that’s about where the similarities end. Cincinnati just beat a team that like Green Bay, could not run the ball or protect its QB.

Atlanta 35, Miami 20

Hey, the Dolphins are 2-0! Big deal. The only Miami fans I know are actually closest Steelers fans – I am looking at you, Jonathan Nixon and Tim Jones – that simply like to get under people’s skin. There’s a rude awakening coming to cool off South Beach, and he goes by the name Matty Ice.

San Francisco 31, Indianapolis 19

Is it just me, or do offenses struggle when Bruce Arians leaves town? Nah, must be a coincidence. The fact is, Andrew Luck and the Colts haven’t seen a defense as sophisticated as the one they will deal with from the 49ers.

Seattle 46, Jacksonville 3

The 49ers went into Seattle last week and got whacked. So what do you suppose is going to happen to the Jaguars? The Seahawks, speaking in current terms, appear to me to be the most complete team in the NFL. Marshawn Lynch may score five touchdowns.

N.Y. Jets 20, Buffalo 19

All I ask is that this game not be on my television when I turn it to CBS Sunday. I don’t think I can handle watching any more inept football. That being said, Geno Smith thought he, not the Bills’ E.J. Manuel, should have been the lone QB taken in the first round. Yes, there’s a chip on the shoulder.

Chicago 21, Pittsburgh 3

The Steelers can’t run the football, protect the quarterback, hold onto the football, or get to the opposing QB and cause any turnovers. Yet I am supposed to believe they will find a way to beat the 2-0 Bears? On national TV? Nah. Not going down that road.


Denver 57, Oakland 2

You’ve got to be kidding me? This is the product the NFL wants representing it all around the world? In no universe should the Raiders ever be given a night game. The Broncos have scored 40-plus point against both Baltimore and the N.Y. Giants, two teams that present way more resistance than Oakland.

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