West Virginia Girls Hold On For OVAC All-Star Victory

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Some holes are just too deep to climb out of in basketball.

That’s exactly the position West Virginia put its Ohio counterpart in by scoring the first 12 points of the game.

From there, the Mountain State just did enough to keep Ohio at an arm’s length away as it posted a 71-63 victory in Sunday afternoon’s Samuel A. Mumley OVAC All-Star Classic held at Ohio University Eastern’s Health and Physical Education Center.

The victory for West Virginia put a bow on the coaching career of Linsly’s Erica Hall, who has announced her resignation from both girls’ basketball and soccer for the Cadets.

“It was such a fun time,” Hall said. “The girls were great. It was a fun group that did a great job. It was just great getting to meet all of the girls we played against and heard so much about during the season.”

West Virginia set the tone in the first half when it outscored Ohio 48-20. During that span, the Mountain State knocked down six 3-pointers and got anything it wanted in both the halfcourt and by rebounding Ohio miss after miss.

“They must have shot 70 percent in the first half,” said Ohio head coach Rob Zitzelsberger, of Bridgeport. “They were just red hot and it felt like they didn’t miss a shot. You just can’t let them get that far away during the first half because you can’t bite into it.”

As you’d expect, Ohio did make a run in the second half. West Virginia was scoreless during the first five minutes of the second half, but Ohio only had gained five points in that stretch.

“We couldn’t capitalize,” Zitzelsberger said. “I don’t know what it was, but we just lacked intensity (in the first half). I was proud of how hard we played in the second half and they didn’t quit. It was a fun experience overall.”

University’s Mariah Callen, who is headed to play at Wheeling Jesuit University, displayed the entire aresenal of her game. She hit jumpers and blew by Ohio defenders for easy chances en route to 11 points.

Weir High’s Alyssa Shingle also finished with 11. She hit two 3s during the first half. Oak Glen’s Vanessa Hissam was tough on the interior with 10 points

Ohio’s squad had only one double-figure scorer as Cambridge’s Hallie Stocker finished with 19. She sparked a Buckeyes spurt in the second half by scoring 13 points.

Bridgeport’s Maclaine Murad added nine points and Frontier’s Kelsea Daugherty added eight.

At halftime, Union Local’s Cori Medley claimed the 3-point shooting title.