OVAC Offering A Chance of Lifetime

WHEELING -When the Ohio Valley Athletic Conference has a chance to give back, it usually does in grand fashion.

That’s certainly the case with the new OVAC “Chance For A Lifetime” Scholarship, as announced during Media Night on Wednesday at WesBanco Arena.

The now annual scholarship will be worth $2,000 and given to five student athletes during the Banquet of Champions following the end of the academic year.

The student athletes will be randomly drawn at the OVAC Athletic Directors’ Meeting in April.

For student athletes to be eligible, they must provide proof to the OVAC they have maintained an accumulative grade point average of 2.5 or better for seven semesters.

The giving does not stop with the scholarship.

The OVAC will also be awarding one individual with a lifetime pass to all of the conference’s events. Much like the scholarship, the winner will be randomly drawn during the April meeting.

With the pass comes a few regulations. The pass must go to an individual and cannot go to a family, organization, club or a school. Should the winner move away from the area or die, the pass will not be made transferable and will become void.

Money for the scholarships will be raised through the 50 school members of the OVAC.

Each school will be given 10 raffle tickets in August at a cost of $20 apiece. Tickets will only be sold to individuals as no clubs or group will be allowed to purchase.

Once a school sells its 10 tickets, 10 more will be available. For every 10 tickets sold, the school will have an additional chance to win the scholarship and lifetime pass.

For example, if Wheeling Park sells 50 tickets, the Patriots have five chances to win one or more scholarships and the lifetime pass.

When the five schools are chosen, it will be up to the school to determine which athlete receives the award and to whom the lifetime pass will be awarded to.

If schools raise more than the $10,000 required for the scholarships, the additional money will be placed in a fund and will be the starting foundation for the following year.