Robinson Captures Green Mile


Staff Writer

WHEELING – Those who follow the Ohio Valley racing circuit are well aware of Cedric Robinson.

Even those who don’t are becoming familiar with the Martins Ferry native.

Robinson, who has already won 10 races this year, added another victory to his impressive resume Friday evening as he capture the Green Mile for the second consecutive year.

The 23-year-old’s time of 4:38 was 13 seconds faster than second place finisher Jacob Bishop (4:51), also of Martins Ferry.

”It was fun,” Robinson said of the race. ”Last part of it up the hill is the killer, but you can’t expect everything to be easy.”

Thing is, racing is pretty easy to Robinson.

So much so, he’s beginning to branch out regionally as he recently raced in Grove City, Pa. and Washington, Pa.

”There’s more competition out there,” he said. ”It kinda gets boring doing the same thing in the same area. It’s nice to see new people and new times to push you along the way.”

Robinson’s training seems to keep him a step ahead of the field. He normally runs with dumbbells to help build arm strength and also runs a lot of mile intervals this time of year.

”My theory behind (running mile intervals) is, if you can run super fast then take it slow a little bit, it won’t be as hard,” he said. ”You can run at a slower pace that seems faster to everyone else, but it really isn’t when you can hold it longer.”

The first female to cross was 13-year-old Kenadee Wayt of Wheeling. Her time of 5:57 was nine seconds faster than her sister Ireland, who finished second.

Martins Ferry’s Jeffery Lucas (5:03) finished third overall, while Jason Bennett (5:17) and Devon Griffith (5:21), both of Wheeling, rounded out the top five.