13-Year-Old Arrested For Alleged Gun Threat

STEUBENVILLE –A 13-year-old student at Buckeye Local Junior High School was arrested Wednesday by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department for allegedly making a threat to “shoot up” the school.

The investigation began when a store clerk in Tiltonsville heard a customer say that there would be a delay at the school. Deputies began investigating and talked to a student who said he was told by the 13-year-old Monday morning on the school bus that he was going to “shoot up” the school.

Other students and parents were interviewed and deputies and juvenile court personnel went to the Tiltonsville home of the 13-year-old and placed the juvenile in custody on a pending charge of inducing panic, the sheriff’s department reported. The juvenile was on probation through juvenile court, a deputy said.

The juvenile’s mother claimed her son has problems with other students, and the other students were trying to get her son in trouble, the sheriff’s department reported.

The residence was searched and two pocket knives were found, the sheriff’s department reported.


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