Spreading the True Spirit of Christmas and Talking Jobs

Superintendent Perks

West Virginia Superintendent of Schools Steven Paine spoke in Wheeling this week of one sweet perk he has as a cabinet member under Gov. Jim Justice.

“It’s so wonderful to have a governor whose wife (First lady Cathy Justice) bakes me cornbread,” he said. Paines said he appreciates the Justices “very much.”

Spread The True Spirit of Christmas

By now, many children (and adults) have already picked out the gifts they want for Christmas. Whether it is a new ring, a new iPhone, a new TV, a new pair of boots, a new video game console, or one of countless other wishes, we are all guilty of wanting materialistic things.

However, there are two things for which Christmas stands that cannot be paid for by cash, credit card or check. For those who believe, the holiday celebrates the birth of the lord and savior: Jesus Christ.

The other is the love and companionship one feels with friends and family during the Christmas season. Do not take this for granted. More people than you realize may not face poverty when it comes to material possessions, but are instead impoverished in loneliness. There is no price tag for showing someone you are thinking of them.

There is no way to replace a family and friends with whom to share Christmas.

Therefore, when opening your Christmas presents, appreciate not what the gift is or how much someone paid for it. Appreciate that someone thought enough of you to gift it to you.

Speaking of Jobs

At 7 p.m. Thursday, the WALS Foundation will host a “Jobs First Agenda” community discussion on “Revolutionizing Education” at the First State Capitol at 1413 Eoff St., in Wheeling.

The Jobs First Agenda program is part of a free, ongoing series of community discussions designed to explore a new economic narrative based on the fundamental idea that anyone who wants to work should have the right to a living wage job. The question for Thursday will be: Could a Jobs First Agenda help revolutionize education by guaranteeing free public education through college or vocational school for those who want to learn?

Panelists for this discussion will include Elizabeth Hofreuter, Head of School, Wheeling Country Day School; Sarah Koegler, Ohio County Board of Education; and Glynis Board, Northern Panhandle Bureau Chief, West Virginia Public Broadcasting.

The WALS Foundation is a non-profit community organization established in 2004 to promote educational programming and consulting in the areas of education, employment, local history and preservation, energy, and the environment; and, in doing so, to promote local economic opportunity, employment, and job creation in the city of Wheeling and state of West Virginia.

Visit the WALS Facebook events page, send an email to Sean Duffy at spd@walslaw.com, or call 304-905-1690 for more information on the Jobs First Agenda Community Discussion series.