Trump Hypocrisy, Tweets Are Worrisome

Editor, News-Register:

Unfortunately, it appears the presidency of Donald J. Trump continues to degenerate and become even more bizarre and troubling by the day, exhibiting a disturbing lack of leadership, focus, knowledge and interest in critical aspects of his office, as well as his concerning propensity for consistently making false and/or misleading statements, of which no fewer than 1,318 had been recorded during his first 263 days in office, and growing daily, according to a recent Quinnipiac poll.

President Trump appears to easily lose focus and is easily distracted, as his ever- increasing sophomoric tweets continue to escalate to an alarming extent, from 362 in June 2017, 485 in September 2017, and to a projected 723 for November 2017, including an astonishing 51 tweets in one day, according to

Before he assumed the presidency, Mr. Trump vigorously criticized then-President Barack Obama for his playing golf while president, stating that as president, “you would not see him (Trump) playing golf,” but he would be spending “virtually all of his time in the White House, working,” when in fact up to this point during his tenure in office, President Trump has already spent in excess of 90 days vacationing and playing golf at Trump-owned properties, at the expense of taxpayers, which constitutes 35 percent of his time as president. Already President Trump has spent more time recreating during his first year in office to date than any president, including Obama, had done during any four-year period in the White House.

A bit hypocritical, perhaps?

Also, President Trump appears to be very slow to offer criticism of authoritarian world leaders, such as Russian “strongman” Vladimir Putin, overlooking well-documented atrocities they have committed, while unleashing severe criticism toward others with whom he may have a somewhat minor disagreement.

Recently, during his 12-day Asian tour, which he touted as being “highly successful,” whereas others have referred to it as “an embarrassment” and “unproductive,” President Trump respectfully toasted Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who, it has been long documented, has killed many journalists and “dissenters” in his country, and such not only was not questioned or challenged by Trump, but when Duterte referred to such as “spies,” Trump’s response was to but offer an apparent “approving smile.”

It was reported by Dahleen Glanton in the Chicago Tribune that during the aforementioned Asian trip that China’s president Xi Jinping “played him (Trump) like a fool” and that Trump refused to criticize him for his “unfair trade practices” or human rights violations, but instead lavished praise on China’s potentate when they met face to face, although he had earlier strong criticism to his then perceived adversary.

For the record, although his rhetoric has diametrically been to the contrary, the Trump presidency to date has been marked by extremely few accomplishments, and that as president, Mr. Trump is proving himself to be monumentally incompetent, and simply not up to consistently and successfully meeting the monumental challenges as the leader of our great nation and the free world.

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry


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