People Coping With High Water as Ducks Have Trouble

Support Your Neighbors

It was heartening last week to see neighbors on Wheeling Island working together to clean up the residue from the Ohio River flooding. Whether it called for shoveling mud, transporting boxes, or even carrying out garbage, the residents banded together in cooperation.

Hopefully, there are no more river floods this year. However, if there are — and we may find out tonight or tomorrow — we can expect residents of Wheeling Island to help each other in the spirit of cooperation.

Just Ducky

As Wheeling Creek spilled over its banks, creeping into the parking at the Mount de Chantal Kroger store last weekend and again this weekend, people were seen stopping and watching the ducks and Canada geese that usually are paddling in those waters.

However, the swift current made it difficult for the water fowl to stay in one spot, which proved entertaining. The birds kept taking off and landing in the water and then paddling to shore. They also had to dodge the debris that was floating in the water, including barrels, tree limbs, entire trees and assorted trash.

Curious onlookers are warned to stay away from the water, especially keeping their children from the area. The same caution is urged for sightseers at Heritage Port. With an expected river crest several feet above flood stage, the water at the port will remain high for some time. Be vigilant and careful.

Possible Public Safety

Building for Wheeling

There may soon be yet another large building constructed in downtown Wheeling, but this will not be a privately funded venture like as The Health Plan headquarters. Taxpayers would spend more than $15 million for a new public safety building in the northern part of downtown. It would be somewhere between the Wheeling Tunnel and 11th Street, along either Main or Market streets.

Those close to the matter said the building will be used as a new headquarters for both the Wheeling Police Department and Wheeling Fire Department. If this new construction takes place, it will be yet another major change to the city’s downtown. Of course, the new structure assuredly must be at least three stories tall to meet a still-new ordinance requiring buildings constructed in the downtown area to be at least that tall.

No Politicking Allowed

A Minnesota state law prohibits anyone entering a polling place from wearing or displaying any type of political items, such as T-shirts with slogans, campaign buttons or even Tea Party hats. However there is a challenge before the Supreme Court claiming the law violates free speech.

Voters in West Virginia and Ohio have not been permitted to do any “electioneering” within 100 feet of a polling location for years. That includes the wearing of clothing items, buttons, caps or other items bearing political slogans or candidates’ names or information. We’ll have to keep an eye on how the nation’s highest court rules in gthe Minnesota case to see if changes have to be made in our states.