Receiving Unexpected Nice Things for Valentine’s Day

A Sweet


On Valentine’s Day, a reporter stopped in the Benwood Subway to purchase a quick sandwich for lunch.

While seated at a table, a young man of perhaps middle school age, came into the business. He approached the reporter and handed her a Sponge Bob Square Pants Valentine card with a red, heart-shaped lollipop attached to it.

He simply said, “Happy Valentine’s Day.” He also gave to others in the store. His kind gesture prompted the reporter and another patron to offer to buy the boy lunch, which he accepted. One good turn deserves another.

Infrastructure Needed

The concept of spending up to $1.7 trillion dollars to fix roads, bridges, and other forms of infrastructure across the U.S. seems like something politicians should support.

Yes, $1.7 trillion is an extremely large amount of money.

However, most of the roads and bridges are several decades old — and simply cannot take much more, even if substantial upgrades are made to them.

President Donald Trump, undoubtedly, is a controversial figure. Still, the idea of creating tens of thousands of construction jobs, while upgrading the nation’s infrastructure, seems like something many people will be interested in supporting — especially if they travel on West Virginia roads.