State Races, Ohio

State Races, Ohio Results
Richard Cordray (D) 1,961,603
Mike DeWine (R) 2,163,056
Contance Newton 46,775
Travis Irvine 75.670
Attorney General
Steve Dettelbach (D) 1,968,178
Dave Yost (R) 2,192,995
Keith Faber (R) 2,086,458
Zack Space (D) 1,904,803
Secretary of State
Kathleen Clyde (D) 1,944,895
Frank LaRose (R) 2,142,008
Dustin R. Nanna (L) 98,121
Rob Richardson (D) 1,917,982
Robert Sprague (R) 2,231,709
State Representative 95th District
Dan Jones (R) 28,841
Dan Milleson (D) 15,027
Justice of the Supreme Court
Craig Baldwin 1,336,927
Michael P. Donnelly 2,076,567
Justice of the Supreme Court
Mary DeGenaro 1,610,553
Melody J. Stewart 1,769,525
Judge of the Court of Appeals
Kathleen Bartlett 82,932
David A. D’Apolito 86,640
State Board of Education
Melissa M. Dahman 74,258
John P. Hagan 126,478
Kathleen Purdy 99,452
Issue 1 To reduce illegal drug penalties.
For: 1,532,195
Against: 2,680,699