Honor Them For What They Did

Bands had begun saluting the flag as Old Glory was raised. Men were rolling out of bunks, ready for a new day. It was Sunday, so some men of the cloth were polishing ...

Rethink Diplomacy, Rebuild Military

Letting K-9 Dogs Go With Handlers

Flag Represents the Best in Us

For several days earlier this month, Brown University offered a counseling center on campus, serving hot chocolate and cookies to students made uncomfortable by ...

Abandoning Our Duties As Parents

A Dog Like Old Pepper


Alvey Bertan Rushton, 90, died December 2, 2016, at his home in Naples, Florida. Alvey was born August 7, 1926, and grew up in New Kensington, PA. He is ...



West Virginia accepting ag specialty block grant proposals

Revenue chief says W.Va. lawmakers facing funding deficit

Do you approve of the Dakota Access Pipeline being built on the current proposed path?

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