Bob Peckenpaugh Impressed, Proud of Wheeling, Oglebay Parks and their employees

WHEELING – Bob Peckenpaugh, president and CEO of the Wheeling Park Commission, did much research about Wheeling and Oglebay Parks before seeing them in person and he liked what he discovered.

But it was when he visited the parks that he became even more impressed and interested in becoming the Wheeling Park Commission’s new leader.

A native of Tacoma, Washington, Peckenpaugh now lives at Oglebay Park. He is married and has three daughters, one son and two grandchildren. He is a graduate of Washington State University’s School of Hospitality Business Management.

Peckenpaugh said he decided to become the commission’s new leader after much research, discussion and interviews.

“The pride I heard from then-chairperson of the Wheeling Park Commission, Bill Jones, was inspiring. My wife and I visited the parks for the first time for an onsite interview during the Festival of Lights,” he said. “What we saw that weekend brought the dream to a reality. On top of that visual experience, we had the time to interact with the Commissioners and the Leadership Teams from the parks and Oglebay Foundation.

“All were very engaging and the staff and community that we encountered were so friendly we felt it was a perfect fit.”

Peckenpaugh said his business philosophy is to “have passion, encourage others, enjoy the ride and do the right thing.” His philosophy in life is to “have fun.”

“Get out and explore through activities, food, drink and travel,” he said.

He noted the generosity of the Wheeling community is what makes the Wheeling Park Commission stand out from other similar organizations.

“The support of donors through the Oglebay Foundation for both community programming and product improvements is truly remarkable. The programming piece is a prize that not many communities have,” he said.

And, of course, the parks are just as special.

“The passion of the people working in the parks is what makes Wheeling and Oglebay Parks stand out. The beauty of the parks is undeniable, but it is the personal interactions you have with the staff that puts a smile on your face and makes the parks so special,” he said.

Peckenpaugh said some of his goals for the parks include creating amazing guest experiences by leading related initiatives. He also plans to create a “multi-phase evolution plan” to keep the parks “fresh and places where people want to gather now and in future generations.”

His other goals include developing a culture of environmental stewardship focusing on reducing, reusing and recycling.

Peckenpaugh also is focusing on improving marketing and revenue streams for the parks, along with ensuring the parks “remain financially stable through good times and bad.”

Professionally I am most proud of the passionate team that I have the opportunity to work with day in and day out.

“The efforts every associate of the Wheeling Park Commission makes every day to assist each other and our guests is amazing,” he said. “The parks are serene to the guests’ eyes, but the complexities of the work behind the scenes to make them that way is amazing.”

Personally, Peckenpaugh is proud of his family, which he describes as “amazing.”

“Watching us grow through the various transitions in life has been amazing. Each and everyone in our family has developed into such a wonderful person who I am proud of,” he said.