John Ayers Creating Something Fun and Flavorful at Hanover Fuel Stop

John Ayers has some exciting plans for Hanover Fuel Stop in 2022. However, the hardest part of accomplishing those plans is getting products delivered.

In 2021, Ayers expanded his business at the intersection of Ohio 7 and Hanover Street from 1,200 square foot to a whopping 5,000 square foot. The business has been open since 1996 when it was strictly a gas station.

âBusiness has been good,ã Ayers said. âThe biggest challenge we face is getting products delivered with COVID-19 and all the sickness and stuff. The supply chains have been hampered.ã

Due to the lack of products available, Ayers said, unfortunately, pricing will be on the rise.

âWe havenát had to adjust our prices like some places, but we will eventually,ã he noted.

Primarily known for its sandwiches and wings, Ayers said the menu has grown and is continuing to do so.

One new product that has been a big hit is pizza.

âWe have two kinds and people love both of them,ã he said. âWe have a thin crust and we have a really big one that you can get any topping on for just the price of the pizza.ã

The àmeatyá sandwiches have a unique name that came about as a misspelling.

âYears ago I had an employee that would bring me slips that said hoggie instead of hoagie,ã Ayers explained of the huge sandwich. âOne day I was looking at it and after I thought about it for a while, I said àthat sounds better than hoagie,á so I kept it that way.ã

He also said a catering service will soon be available.

âWe have a menu ready and will be able to serve anywhere from four people to as many as a customer needs,ã he continued. âWe have several different options that we are working on.ã Chef Jeremy Tirpak is in charge of making all of the food.

The catering service will also include the variety of different smokerás that Ayers has acquired.

Items from HFS can be purchased for delivery through Door Dash and Grub Hub, as well as a few other services.

âPretty soon we will be able to deliver beer through Door Dash.ã

Hanover Fuel Stop is now open on Sundays from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. EBT cards are also accepted. Alcohol, liquor and wine are now available on Sundays.

âThank heavens for the people that voted that in,ã Ayers added.

Ice cream is also in the planning.

âWeáre working on getting ice cream for the summer. I donát know whether we will be making it or if it will be local or a national brand,ã he said. âWeáre also working on a place outside for customers to sit down and enjoy some ice cream to break up a Sunday drive.ã

The business currently has 28 employees, with nine of those being full-time.

âI was the only employee when we first started,ã he noted.

Ayers said he is shooting for April 1 as a possible opening date for 24-hour service.

âI want to make sure I have enough employees to cover the hours,ã he said. âThe kitchen wouldnát be open at night, though, but we will be able to get a lot of cleaning and stuff like that done.ã