Ohio County Schools Honors Retirees

WHEELING — Ohio County Schools on Wednesday said thank you to 27 retiring employees who were recognized for nearly 700 collective years of valuable service to the school system.

Superintendent Kimberly Miller welcomed retiring administrators, teachers and service to Ohio County Schools Retiree Reception. She thanked them for their many years of service and their efforts to offer the best education possible to the children of Ohio County.

“Their dedication to the children of Ohio County Schools makes me proud.” she said. “They all will be sorely missed, but we are grateful for their many years of professionalism and excellent service.”

Each retiree received a certificate of appreciate, a lifetime pass to Wheeling Park High School athletic events and a plant from the Wheeling Park greenhouse.


Patricia Allen — 40 Years

Susan Brossman — 32 Years

Linda Cole — 42 Years

Effie Coles — 39 Years

Anita Freeland — 6 Years

Edith Fuller — 38 Years

Anne Gompers — 21.5 Years

Marla Mercer — 36 Years

Gene Monteleone — 35 Years

Diane Schafer — 32 Years

Randy Shepherd — 22 Years

Tammy Strong — 31 Years


David Beaver — 6 Years

Mary Jo Conaway — 41 Years

Barbara Creer — 40 Years

William Davis — 32 Years

Diane Earliwine — 27 Years

Lynn Ellis — 16 Years

Nancy Frye — 32 Years

Marlene Loring — 31 Years

Richard Magruder — 33 Years

Mary Ann Murad — 23 Years

Connie Murray — 17.5 Years

Nancy Schell — 17.5 Years

Cheryl Simon — 18.5 Years

Mary Ellen Smith-Dague — 35 Years

Derrick Ullom — 32 Years


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