Toilet Paper Etiquette

I am now down to 1-1/3 roll of toilet paper. I have gone to eight stores in the last couple of days to find empty shelves. I am getting a little disgusted as this is ridiculous. Sears stopped making their catalogs a long time ago so that is not an option.

When I tried to order TP on Amazon I received a notification that the possible ship date was May. This could cause a real problem in our house. I was in a meeting yesterday and one of the men there said that he was going to keep his weapon handy just in case there are TP thieves out there. I may resort to standing at the bottom of the exit ramp to National Road in Wheeling with a sign saying “Toilet paper needed. Anything helps.”

My friend posted this on Facebook yesterday so relax people unless you have a big problem with 182 times a day, and if so, your family needs to see a doctor: So if a person who has a family of four goes to Cosco and buys four cases of TP, 30 rolls of TP in a case, at 425 sheets per roll, which is 12,750 sheets per case, 20 sheets per use, the family would have to “GO” 182 times a day to use the purchased amount.

Because I love history, here is a little info on toilet paper. Although we take toilet paper for granted, (not anymore), toilet paper has a relatively short history in the modern world. Before TP, people mainly used whatever was free and readily available for personal hygiene. Unfortunately, many of the options were quite painful: Wood shavings, hay, rocks, corn cobs, sand, sea shells, even frayed anchor cables. Ancient Romans used a sponge on a stick that sat in a bucket of salt water and was shared by everyone (yuck). Leaves, rags, and moss were some of the less-painful (and probably more sanitary) options. Wealthy people used wool, lace or other fabrics.

The first modern toilet paper was made in 1391, when it was created for the needs of the Chinese Emperor’s family. Each sheet was perfumed.

Mass manufacturing of modern toilet paper began in the late 19th century. Joseph C. Gayetty created the first commercially packaged toilet paper in 1857. The papers were loose, flat, sheets and medicated with aloe. Gayetty named it “Gayetty’s Medicated Paper.” with his name printed on every sheet. Unfortunately, this invention failed.

In 1879, Scott brothers founded the Scott Paper Company. The Scott Paper Company’s toilet paper was the first sold in rolls.

In 1935, Northern Tissue invented splinter free toilet paper.

In 1942, TP became softer. St. Andrew’s Paper Mill in England began selling the first two-ply toilet paper.

America experienced the first toilet paper shortage in December 1973 after one of Johnny Carson’s jokes was taken seriously when he said ” There is an acute shortage of toilet paper.” Consumers were scared and began stockpiling supplies.

Today the manufacture of toilet paper is a large industry. Modern products have definitely made life much easier and more hygienic for us all

So in closing, I am still looking for the elusive product and I may have to consider what citizens used prior to the invention of TP. However, I am not certain if I the corn cobs, seashells, stones or sand would be the best options.



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