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Retired Wetzel County Teacher Publishes Her Second Children’s Book

Wetzel County resident and retired teacher, Jan Thornton Jones, announces the publication of her second illustrated children’s book, “Why Me?” This is the story of a very active little boy who seems to bring trouble to every situation both at school and at home. After each incident, Dallas asks, “Why Me? Why does everything always happen to me?” Following an accident that causes a broken bone, Dallas meets a kindly stranger who helps him to understand that actions have consequences.

“Why Me?” was published by Lighthouse Christian Publishing, a small Christian based publisher based in Minnesota. Lighthouse Publishing has been named the Seventh Best Christian Publisher by BookFox! The illustrations for “Why Me?” were created by the publisher’s inhouse art department based on descriptions and recommendations provided by Jones.

Jones wrote this book years ago while she was still teaching and while her own children were small.

“I actually wrote this book for my son, Chris, who was incredibly accident prone. I intended the book to help him to understand that he needed to slow down and think things through rather than quickly acting on impulse” Jones said.

“At the time, I submitted it to several well-known publishers but did not have any luck getting it published. Now that I have retired, I pulled this story back out and did a major rewriting and decided to resubmit it in today’s market. Today, there are many smaller publishers who are willing to take on a no name author. I was lucky enough to find a publisher for two of my children’s stories.”

Jones taught for both Wetzel and Tyler County schools. She also owned and operated her own preschool for many years. However, most of her teaching career was spent in early childhood education including pre-K and first grade.

“As an early childhood teacher, I’ve probably orally read thousands of books to my students. I am very excited by the opportunity to share a message in my own words. Publishing a book has been on my bucket list for years”, said Jones.

Jones was born in Texas but moved to New Martinsville where she attended Magnolia High School. Following graduation, Jones attended West Virginia University where she earned a degree in elementary education as well as two master’s degrees in Communication Studies and Early Intervention Special Education.

Her first book, is a faith based book called “The Angel In The Park.” It deals with a little girl who feels compelled to help the homeless people in her community. Both “Why Me?” and “The Angel In The Park” can be purchased on Amazon.Com or through the author’s website janjonesbooks.com. In New Martinsville, The Cellar Door on North Street carries signed copies of both books.


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