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Nursing Program at West Liberty University Is Ranked No. 4 in State of West Virginia

Shown from left, junior nursing students Kayla Schultz of Wheeling and Lauren Welsh of Salem, West Virginia, practice patient skills in the nursing simulation lab at WLU. (Photo Provided)

WEST LIBERTY — West Liberty University’s Nursing Program scored well in a recent assessment done by the nursing advocacy organization, RegisteredNursing.org, coming in at the number four spot in West Virginia.

Nursing programs were assessed on several factors that represent how well a program supports students towards licensure and beyond.

“We are pleased with this ranking and confident that our students are well-prepared for their future in nursing. Our faculty and staff are here to support our students as they work toward their degree and beyond,” said Dr. Rose Kutlenios, program director.

WLU’s program advanced three spots from last year. The Registered Nursing ranking organization is based in Carlsbad, Ca. and produces a list each year.

“We analyzed past and present first time NCLEX-RN pass-rates, weighted by year,” said Sally Worthington, spokesperson for the nursing organization. You can learn more about the methodology used by visiting www.registerednursing.org/rn-ranking-methodology.

Housed in the Campbell Hall of Health Sciences, WLU offers the accredited Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree for high school graduates, the BA/BS to BSN degree and a RN-to-BSN degree program for Registered Nurses with an associate degree or diploma who are currently licensed or eligible for licensure and want to earn a bachelor’s.

For more information, please visit westliberty.edu or call the nursing department at 304-336-8108.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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