Linsly Students Bring Their Artwork Front and Center

Front and Center

WHEELING — From paper ice cream cones to detailed pencil drawings, The Linsly School Fine Arts Department and its students recently presented examples of their latest creations.

The art show and spring concert held May 10 showcased both the musical and artistic talents of the Linsly student body.

The evening included a concert followed by the Spring Art Show at the William Visual Arts Center where a variety student artwork will be on display. The evening will conclude with an amazing “Edible Art” themed reception by Aladdin for guests in the Student Center of DiOrio Alumni Hall, located just behind the art building.

The Linsly Spring Concert and Art Show is an annual tradition that is a celebration of the arts, featuring student artwork and music from the fifth grade to the senior year. From delicate watercolor paintings and detailed pencil drawings, to bold self portraits to beautiful ceramic sculptures, to the lovely sounds of the middle school and upper school band and chorus and strings orchestra, students of Linsly’s Fine Arts Department showcased their hard work, artistic and musical talents for parents and guests.

The Linsly Spring Concert included song selections from a variety of genres, including the currently popular “Havana,” the stirring “Love Is an Open Door” from the Disney film “Frozen,” and many more familiar tunes.

According to Linsly Band Director Robert MacLellan, the band and chorus students worked hard on their performance skills and this year’s spring concert showcased of all their efforts.

After the concert, guests were treated to a dazzling display of student artwork in the Williams Visual Art Center. Linsly middle school art instructor Kelly Soloninka, explained that her students worked with a variety of mediums and creative themes that were showcased in the Spring Art Show.

She explained that each grade level in the middle school at Linsly selects and explores an essential question for the year from multiple cross-curricular perspectives: scientific, artistic, mathematical, and global/social. This year, the sixth graders explored the question, “How Can We Make the World a Better Place?”

“In exploring this essential question, we talked about the balance of life and how we can start with ourselves to make the world a better place by creating inner balance and peace in our lives,” said Soloninka. “This led to our sixth grade yin and yang art project that focuses on balance using positive and negative space with black and white contrast,” explained Soloninka.

Meanwhile, Linsly fifth graders focused on the theme of “edible art” which culminated with a paper mache ice cream cone project and a visit to Kirke’s Ice Cream.

At the high school level, Linsly Studio Art, Advanced Art and Ceramics students worked very hard to prepare for the art show. Linsly fine arts instructors, Guy Gellner and Dan Buchwach, spent countless hours in the Williams Visual Arts Center helping students perfect their projects. From unique ceramics pieces to stunning landscapes and stills, the artwork by some of Linsly’s most advanced artists is nothing less than impressive.

While the Linsly Spring Concert and Art Show is an annual opportunity for Linsly to celebrate the artistic talents of students, Linsly emphasizes the arts year round through the Fine Arts Department with a variety of fine arts classes, concert performances, upper and middle school plays, and student artwork that is displayed year round, decorating the walls of the Banes Hall and throughout the campus.

The Williams Visual Arts Center is the space where all Linsly art classes, from fifth grade to senior year, are held. In addition to classrooms, the Williams Visual Arts Center also includes a ceramics facility downstairs and a third floor advanced art studio where impressive student painted murals — inspired by a range of famous artists including Salvadore Dali’s The Persistence of Memory, Van Gogh’s Starry Night, and even scenes from Michelangelo’s Sistine Chapel — adorn the walls and ceiling.

Frank Wilson, head of the Fine Arts Department at Linsly, and his department including fine arts instructors Kelly Soloninka, Guy Gellner and Dan Buchwach, as well as Robert MacLellan, band director and music instructor, worked together to coordinate the Spring Art Concert and Art Show.


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