Postlethwaite Marks 100

Edith Chaplin Postlethwaite of Cameron will celebrate her 100th birthday on Monday.

She was born on July 29, 1919, one of 12 children of John and Mary Chaplin.

Before World War II, she worked at Cameron Clay Products decorating and packing pottery that was sold all over America. It was there that she met Robert Postlethwaite. the man whom she would marry.

When the war started, she went to work at Curtiss Wright in Columbus, where she built planes including the famous bomber the Helldiver. During the war, she took a train from Cameron to the Air Force base in Victorville, California, where she patched damaged planes and married Robert Postlethwaite.

After the war, she became a homemaker and volunteered as a Bible class teacher at the Cameron Church of Christ for several years.

She has four children, Bob Postlethwaite, Jane Smith, Richard Postlethwaite and Donna Smith. She also has nine grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren;.

She now resides at the Cameron Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.


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