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Perkins Restaurant & Bakery offers custom catering for every occasion, new Butcher’s Best menu

WHEELING — With locations in Wheeling and Moundsville, Perkins Restaurant & Bakery is a family style restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and dinner with a variety of “upscale” menu choices and custom catering for up to 300 people for any special occasion.

Tim Presseller, regional director for Perkins Restaurant & Bakery, said their catering offers one entree with two sides, a salad and a roll for $11.45 per person. He said some of the popular entree selections offered with their catering include: pot roast, stuffed chicken and roast pork. For more information about their custom catering options call their Wheeling store at 304-232-5772.

In addition, the Perkins brand continues to offer more “upscale” menu choices at the restaurant chain, including a variety of breakfast and dinner options off of their Butcher’s Best menu. Presseller said any of the steak medallion menu selections are all great choices. Some of those combos include: the Steak Medallions and Eggs for breakfast or the Steak Medallions and Shrimp or Steak and Peppers platter for dinner. Other great choices off the menu include: the Hearty Man’s Combo, the Cheesy Bacon Potato Flip, or the Meat Lover’s Smasher. Their famed peanut butter, chocolate French silk or lemon pies continue to be popular choices from their dessert and bakery list.

Perkins continues to be a community player — donating to charitable and civic causes throughout the year and is proud to sponsor the annual Perkins Restaurant and Bakery Fantasy in Lights Christmas Parade each year in downtown Wheeling.

The Woodsdale location is open from 6 a.m. to midnight Sunday through Thursday and 24 hours on Friday and Saturday, while the Moundsville location hours are 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday through Thursday and 6 a.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday.

To contact the Wheeling location call 304-232-5772 and to contact the Moundsville location call 304-845-2290.


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