Nutting Gallery’s Senior Exhibition Features Eight Artists

West Liberty University’s Senior Exhibition for Fall 2014 features eight student artists who have created varied and interesting art, offering everything from a comic strip-like artwork to interactive graphic design images with audio and sculpture.

The students include Sydney Bennett, Lindsey Fair, Lucas Fauble, Abbie Merryman, Miranda Pellicano, Natalie Reese, Emma Romanowski and Shannon Yates.

“This is one of the best senior shows we’ve had in a while. The students worked hard, and I congratulate them on the result,” said Assistant Professor of Art Robert Villamagna, who is the director of the Nutting Gallery.

“The world is a very chaotic place,” Reese said.

“We are constantly in motion, at times eager to catch our breath. Sometimes it is easy to overlook the beauty of the world and to take for granted the wonder of life. I believe my job, as an artist, is to capture a moment, a memory, even a though, so that it can stand still and be appreciated without limits,” Reese said.

She believes all art is a gift and allows her to create memories that will not fade. She is donating all money made from the sale of her art in the exhibition to the Alzheimer’s Association.

Fair created work that explores the theme of body image on social and personal levels.

“It is truly unfortunate that our society’s standards of beauty is heavily directed and pressured by impossible beauty ideals. … My artwork takes a critical view of the social views by which women’s body image is influenced,” Fair said.

Using a variety of materials and processes in each piece of art, she creates a consistent message.

Pellicano created images that reveal personal values or ideals, created in mixed media pieces. “The collage of concepts, techniques and materials acts as an effective medium to showcase the growth I’ve experienced not only with this show, but also as a designer and artist,” Pellicano said.

“Mine was a video self-portrait that looked at my time on campus, Fauble said. “I tried to bring in student experiences and show my journey. hopefully it’s entertaining and enjoyable.” Fauble’s video is a little more than nine minutes long.

Fauble graduates on Saturday, Dec. 13 with a degree in graphic design.

The exhibition will be on display through today.


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