Festival of India Takes Heritage Port Saturday in Wheeling

Photo Provided The Festival of India is set for July 14 at Heritage Port in Wheeling.

WHEELING — The New Vrindaban community and Palace of Gold cordially invites the public to the Festival of India from 2-8 p.m. Saturday at Heritage Port in Wheeling.

This third annual festival is said to intrigue and inspire many more visitors than before, with its theme of “Culturally Many — Spiritually One.” The aim is to unite people from diverse backgrounds and cultures to share the joy of spiritual brotherhood, as we are all parts and parcels of God.

“The festival also centers around community building and social cohesion, so families are encouraged to come and participate in a day of fun, laughter and spiritual upliftment.

“With this theme of world peace, what a wonderful thing for our community,” said Patrick Sutherland, mayor of Bethany.

Also known as the Festival of Chariots, or Ratha-yatra, this event has its roots in ancient India and is celebrated in major cities worldwide, from Paris to London and from Durban to New York. Included are the festival highlights.

Festival highlights include:

∫ Float parade 5-6:30 p.m. — a colorful chariot parade starting from Wesbanco Arena on Water Street, celebrating a blend of song and dance.

On stage 2-8 p.m. — be dazzled with a lineup of free entertainment featuring local bands, Drum Cafe with Bhima and Indian cymbal-playing with Lila. Also enjoy a fusion of poetry, dance and drama.

∫ Multicultural story telling and Rangoli — street painting. In the spirit of unity, speakers will focus on the theme of compassion, tolerance and concern for justice in all faiths, which is a positive step to a socially cohesive United States of America.

∫ Questions and answers — dynamic and interactive, the Q&A booth will present captivating and relevant topics for discussion.For those teeming with a million questions, this is the oasis. It’s guaranteed to quench the thirst and leave visitors enlightened and enlivened.

∫ Yoga Meltdown every hour — leading local yoga teachers will guide visitors to a new high during yoga sessions.

∫ Mantra Meditation — onnect through sound, and experience peace of mind and upliftment of spirit by meditating on and chanting God’s names.

∫ Must-meet personalities — internationally acclaimed life coach Vipula Das will speak on “The Art of Forgiveness.” Empower yourself by receiving the tools to change your life.

∫ Vedic astrologer Pandit Jagannath Cassidy will be exploring topics such as “Relationships” and “How to mess up your life with astrology.” Having helped hundreds with personal crises, he will be available on site for individual readings. Dance to the beat of Odissi dancer Keli Chanchala, a Hungarian native living in London and classically trained in India.

∫ Health and beauty — Thinking about going natural? Pop in at the cooking booth and discover all-natural, interesting, and cost-effective methods to improve and maintain good health, including Cleopatra’s beauty secret. Learn about Ayurveda, a holistic approach to health that allows you to become a balanced, vital person with the least effort.

∫ Other onsite attractions include a gift and beauty boutique, Govinda’s Restaurant and carnival festivities for children, including a variety of arts and crafts and activities that include fairy gardens, hair braiding and a cake walk will keep them entertained.


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