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West Virginia 6th Cavalry In The Civil War Is Examined

WHEELING — The Ohio County Public Library in downtown Wheeling will explore the West Virginia 6th Calvary in the Civil War during the next Lunch With Books live stream at noon on Tuesday, April 13.

Participants will take a look at the new book “On the Plains in ’65: The 6th West Virginia Cavalry in the West” by George H. Holliday, with editor Glenn Longacre

Holliday was born in the southern Ohio village of Pomeroy in 1847. At age 15, he enlisted in the 4th West Virginia Volunteer Cavalry. Afterwards, Holliday served with the 5th West Virginia Volunteer Cavalry. In June 1865 Holliday and his comrades, now consolidated with the 6th West Virginia Veteran Volunteer Cavalry, were transferred west to guard stations along the celebrated Oregon Trail. After his return to Ohio in 1866, Holliday married, began a family and settled in Ironton, where he engaged in the stove manufacturing industry.

In 1883, he self-published, “On the Plains in ’65,” his memoir of his year on the Great Plains and Rocky Mountains. Later, Holliday moved to Knoxville, Tennessee. He died in 1919.

Glenn Longacre is a West Virginia native. He graduated from West Virginia University with a bachelor of arts in history and a master of art in public history. He has worked in archives for more than 30 years. Longacre is the co-editor of “To Battle for God and the Right: The Civil War Letterbooks of Emerson Opdycke” (University of Illinois Press, 2003).

He currently lives in Chicago.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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