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Dinner Theater Shows Bringing ‘Mind Over Murder’ to the Table

The cast of Mystery Theatre Unlimited’s dinner theater show “Mind Over Murder” prepares for performances scheduled for Thursday, April 21, at River City Restaurant in Wheeling and Friday, April 22 at the Vue Bar and Grill in Grand Vue Park, Moundsville. From left are Karissa Martin, Evan Oslund (front), Butch Maxwell, Melody Meadows and Dustin Heavilin. (Photo Provided)

WHEELING — Mystery Theatre Unlimited returns next week with a hilarious murder mystery to be presented on back-to-back nights at two different locations.

River City Restaurant at 14th and Main streets in Wheeling will offer a unique night of dining and entertainment Thursday, April 21, as it stages the interactive original musical comedy murder mystery dinner theatre show, “Mind Over Murder.” The show will also be presented Friday, April 22, at the Vue Bar and Grill in Grand Vue Park, Moundsville.

The performances, to begin at 7 p.m., feature broad comedy, musical parodies, a chance to interact with the play’s characters and an opportunity to solve a murder mystery, all while enjoying dinner and beverages.

In the show, aging scientist Professor Werner Van Braun (played by Evan Oslund) has been using the family fortune of his wife, Sarah (played by Melody Meadows), to fund his botched experiments in brain science, including a failed operation on his laboratory assistant, a dim-witted muscle man named Lug (played by Dustin Heavilin). When his most recent experiment results in exposing Sarah to radiation, he develops the Electronic Versa-Vice Device, which successfully transfers one person’s mind into the body of another.

The professor lures a young, attractive woman, Colette (played by Karissa Martin) to his lab so that he can put his doomed wife’s mind into her body. He also brings in a shallow-brained Midwesterner named Hank (played by Butch Maxwell) to switch bodies with the old professor. But things soon go wrong, causing a spiral of mistaken identities, chaos and confusion.

“We’re always looking for new challenges,” Maxwell, who directs the show, noted. “After all these years, we keep finding new ways to twist the formula. This time, all five actors have to play multiple characters as the various minds are switched from body to body.”

The Wheeling-based ensemble has been writing and performing original comedy murder mysteries since 1996, with more than 60 shows in its repertoire. The performances include audience interaction and the opportunity to solve a murder mystery, along with a three-course dinner. It all takes place in a dining room, with actors moving about among the tables. Audience members are encouraged to gather clues, talk to the characters and even question the survivors after the murder has occurred. Some audience members will also play small parts during the show.

For reservations for either show, which include a full meal and the show itself, call River City at 304-233-4555. Private parties are available by calling 304-280-8681.

For more information, see www.MysteryTheatreUnlimited.com.


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