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Italian Music for San Rocco With Faire May At Lunch With Books

WHEELING — The next Lunch With Books program presented by the Ohio County Public Library will again feature lively music.

The program will take place at noon on Tuesday, Aug. 16, at the library in downtown Wheeling.

In honor of the Italian tradition of marking the Feast Day of San Rocco, Aug. 16, local musical group Faire May will present a set of Italian music.

Also known as Saint Roch, the “plague saint,” Rocco was a 14th century pilgrim famed for healing plague victims. Having contracted and survived the dread disease himself, he’s usually depicted lifting back his garments to reveal the plague bubo on his thigh and is often accompanied by a dog.

Saint Rocco’s Feast Day commemorated the end of a severe outbreak of the plague in Venice in 1576. The tradition was brought by Italian immigrants to New York, the Pittsburgh area and all over the United States. The festival usually includes a procession with a statue of San Rocco, music, food, celebratory dance and a Mass.

Faire May is a traditional music band specializing in enjoyable folk music from the near and distant past. This will be their longest foray into Italian folk music.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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