Wheeling Councilman Thalman Tests Positive for COVID-19

Chad Thalman

WHEELING — Chad Thalman, Wheeling’s vice mayor and Ward 1 councilman, late Thursday evening confirmed that he has tested positive for COVID-19.

Thalman was contacted after Tuesday afternoon’s in-person city council meeting this week and was informed that he very likely had been in recent contact with a city resident who had been exposed to and tested positive for the coronavirus.

Thalman subsequently went to the COVID-19 testing facility at Wheeling Park to be tested, and on Thursday was informed that he had tested positive.

“I feel fine, but it’s a little scary,” he said. “It goes to show that people have to be cautious. It’s very possible to have this and not be aware or have any symptoms.”

After receiving word about his test results, Thalman contacted several people with whom he had come in recent contact, including fellow council members and others who had attended this week’s council meeting.

The councilman said he has remained asymptomatic. He said he is quarantined and will remain in quarantine until he tests negative for the virus.


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