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Grow Ohio Valley Looking for Growers

The ground is cold now, but spring is just around the bend and Grow Ohio Valley aims to be ready.

The Wheeling-based non-profit farming and farm-advocacy group is asking local farmers and gardeners to become affiliate growers.

“We want to work with active and aspiring growers of fruits and vegetables – growers who can deliver specific crops for our Mobile Farmers Market and weekly summer food basket subscribers,” said Danny Swan, Grow Ohio Valley co-founder.

Swan said he’d like to make arrangements for specific crops by mid-February, but also hopes to hear from other farmers over the summer.

Grow Ohio Valley’s Mobile Farmers Market runs throughout the summer, as does its weekly subscription program for local food baskets.

The group has assembled a calendar for all crops they are interested in purchasing during the summer and fall of 2016. Local growers can select crops from that list, and – via a contract – be certain that their crops will have a sales outlet.

“We will provide support to affiliate growers who are farming for the first time – even the dedicated hobby growers,” Swan said. “We can assist with farm supplies and ongoing technical support. We want people who are eager to be involved and succeed in the local food economy, and we are willing to pitch in.”

For more information, call 304-233-4769, email to info@GrowOV.org or visit www.GrowOV.org.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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