Cameron High School Science Fair Rewards Students’ Originality in Marshall County

Photo by Drew Parker Sherrard Middle School eighth-grader Zara Zervos wins best in show at the Marshall County Science Fair Monday.

Area middle-schoolers explored the science behind iPhone chargers, canine eyesight, dribbling a basketball and more in Cameron Monday.

Marshall County Schools held its annual science fair Monday at Cameron High School, allowing local sixth-, seventh- and eighth-grade students to explore academic and creative interests.

Cameron science instructor Chad Clutter said students are encouraged to develop personal hobbies and passions into a hypothesis and scientific process for the fair.

“I try to get them to pick something they’re really interested in,” Clutter said. “The kids take more pride in their work when it centers around something they truly enjoy.”

Zara Zervos, an eighth-grader at Sherrard Middle School, took best in show for her presentation, “The Sky’s Eerie Glow,” detailing the effect of clouds on light pollution in rural and urban areas.

Zervos said she used internet research and smartphone applications to complete her project. She added the projects allow students more independence than typical assignments.

“The science fair allows me to find out something I like, rather than what the school says I should like,” she said. “It lets me do whatever I want and show people what I can do.”

Robert Strong of SMART Centre Market in Wheeling, judged the event and said the fair is a perfect opportunity for students to explore different interests.

“A lot of times, students use internet searches to find a project idea, but other times they come up with an idea all on their own and some magical things happen,” Strong said. “We picked the winner today based on originality.”

First-place winners other than Zervos for all categories included Brennan Sobutka, Payton Tucker, Morgan Miller, Gage Hough, Destiny Cook, Riley McIntyre, Ian Bush, Cole O’Neill, Chris Evans, Madison Landcaster, Chloe Sayman, Maddie Behm and Aiden Bushovisky.

The regional science fair will be held Feb. 25 at West Liberty University.


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