New Businesses Announced for Franciscan Square in Steubenville

Franco Carapellotti chose the monthly Faith in the Future luncheon Wednesday to announce the first two tenants for the restaurant buildings at the Inn at Franciscan Square in Steubenville.

“We are opening two businesses in the upper building as you come down University Boulevard. The first business is Rubi’s Pizza and Grill, which has the same owners as Corrado’s from the Fort Steuben Mall,” said Carapellotti, who has been assisting Franciscan University in obtaining tenants for the building.

Rubi’s Pizza & Grill also is located in Parkersburg.

The second tenant will be the Brooklyn Bagel Co.

He said the restaurants could open later this summer before students at Franciscan return to the campus.

“There is room for a third food business in the upper building, while the lower building, now under construction, will be the site for a full service restaurant and bar and offices,” Carapellotti said. “It has been an uphill battle at times as we talked to businesses because they would cite median income for the area and traffic counts. We want tenants who will be here for 10, 15 or 20 years and will be good for the community.”

Carapellotti said he sees plenty of young people who want to stay in Steubenville and make an impact.

“I am really excited about what is going on here. The green space in front of the new hotel will also be developed. And the Jefferson County Chamber of Commerce has already scheduled their annual Burger Bash for that space on June 6,” he said.

Franciscan University of Steubenville Vice President Dave Skiviat said Damon’s Restaurant and Sandella’s will remain open for the time being, “until there is a better option.”

“And the employees will be given the first opportunity to work at the new businesses in the future,” Carapellotti said.

The Inn at Franciscan Square opened in October.


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