Drug Cases Among Largest in Moundsville’s History

After a Moundsville man was arrested over the weekend for allegedly carrying a large amount of illicit drugs, a subsequent arrest Monday has added up to what police are calling one of the largest drug seizures in the city’s history.

At about 3:30 p.m. Monday, Moundsville police officers stopped a car, reported to have been driving recklessly across the Moundsville Bridge. When stopped, the car driven by Dustin Stern, 38, was searched after police allegedly smelled the scent of marijuana from inside the car, at which point he allegedly confessed that he had “a large amount” of the drug in the car.

Searching the car, police said they found two coolers full of edible drugs, several bags of marijuana and numerous bottles of pills, along with a large amount of cash. In total, 591 grams of marijuana and 93 edible drugs were seized, 1.8 grams of crystal meth, 53 pills and a meth pipe. Also found were $2,103 in cash and three phones.

According to the report, Stern told police the edibles, consisting of lollipops and hard candy, were 120 grams and 40 milligrams of marijuana respectively.

Stern was taken to the Northern Regional Jail and charged with five counts of felony possession with intent to sell, transportation of a controlled substance into the state and three counts of possession. He remains lodged at the Northern Regional Jail in lieu of $150,000 bond.

Stern’s arrest comes on the heels of the arrest of Robby Ross, 37, of Moundsville. on Saturday morning, whose car was allegedly found to have 88 grams of marijuana, 16 grams of crack, and more than 150 pills, as well as crystal meth.

Moundsville Police Lt. Steve Kosek said the two arrests constituted among the largest drug seizures in the history of the city.

“It’s certainly two of the biggest drug busts in our history,” Kosek said. “Within two days, that’s pretty good.”

In an unrelated matter Tuesday, State Police arrested LuJuana Striegle, 31, address not listed, for attempting to transport meth into the NRJ. Striegle was arrested at about 4 a.m. Tuesday on an unrelated fugitive from justice charge out of Belmont County. At that time, a New Martinsville police officer performed a strip search during intake at the jail and saw a bag containing the crystal meth fall out of Striegle’s bra.

Striegle allegedly told the officer that she was an occasional user, and had not known the substance was prohibited, and that she forgot she had it on her person.

Striegle was formerly convicted of a drug charge in 2013, and after making parole was again charged with another drug crime before allegedly failing to report to court, leading to warrants being issued.

Striegle now faces one felony count of transporting a controlled substance into jail and remains lodged on her other charges.


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