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R. Gregory McDermott Named To Wheeling Park Commission


R. Gregory “Greg” McDermott will replace Dr. Donald Hofreuter as a member of the Wheeling Park Commission, City Manager Robert Herron announced late Friday.

Hofreuter’s 20-year tenure as a member of the commission ended Wednesday, according to Herron.

“Mr. McDermott has an incredible passion for Oglebay Park and Wheeling Park, as well as the city of Wheeling,” Herron said in a prepared statement. “I believe his extensive background, along with his thoughts and ideas for the park system, will prove invaluable for years to come. I feel he will be an excellent addition to the commission.”

McDermott will join Wilbur S. Jones, G. Ogden Nutting, Sue Farnsworth, and Joan Stamp as members of the commission.

The commission is a West Virginia corporation created by an act of the Legislature on March 5, 1935, specifically for the purpose of managing the parks of the city of Wheeling. Members are appointed by either the Wheeling Area Chamber of Commerce or by the city manager, and serve five-year terms with no limit on reappointments.

“I wish to thank City Manager Robert Herron for the trust and confidence that he has shown in me by appointing me to the Wheeling Park Commission,” McDermott said. “As someone who uses our parks daily, I understand how important they are to our community. I also know that Oglebay is a crown jewel and an economic engine of our area and needs to be nurtured and protected for all the folks in our community now and into the future.”

McDermott is the managing partner at McDermott & Bonenberger, P.L.L.C. He has practiced law in Wheeling for the past 33 years, with a concentration in the area of insurance litigation. For recreation, McDermott enjoys skiing, running, and playing competitive tennis. He and his family have lived in Oglebay for 25 years and take advantage of the city’s park system regularly.

“On behalf of the Wheeling Park Commission, I would like to congratulate Greg on his new appointment,” Jones, who serves as chairman, said. “Having served on numerous sports and recreation commissions and boards, we believe Greg’s knowledge and experience will bring a fresh perspective to the park system.”


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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