Company Donates Truck to Village of Bellaire

Photo by Shelley Hanson Standing with a truck donated to the village of Bellaire are, from left, Village Administrator Scott Porter, Councilman Donny Maupin, worker Bobby Landis and village Maintenance Supervisor John Dyer.

The village of Bellaire received a large gift expected to help its workers stay on top of taming the grass and weeds growing on city property this summer.

A local impound lot donated a 1998 Chevy Silverado pickup truck that is being used by village Maintenance Supervisor John Dyer and employee Bobby Landis to transport lawn mowers and weed eaters to and from grass cutting sites in the village.

Bellaire Police Chief Richard “Dick” Flanagan said the impound lot company wants to remain anonymous.

Dyer said he was happy have an additional truck to use, since he was sharing another vehicle with the service department. If one were to purchase a Silverado new today, it would cost about $30,000. A used 1998 Silverado could fetch anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000.

“It’s only two of us,” said Dyer. “We can only get so much so fast. By the time we get it cut, we go back three or four days later and cut it again.”

Dyer said crews also plan to reach several village lots that have not been trimmed in years.

“This frees us up,” he said. “Before, with the other truck we were using, there were times when (the service garage) would need it back. My understanding is that this is strictly for us to use for grass cutting. It’s not a bad truck.”

Landis, 19, of Bellaire, is working for the village via the Belmont County Community Action Commission’s young adult program. The CAC pays Landis’ salary.

This summer while he is working for the village, Landis also will be taking online classes to get his high school diploma.

He was just 1.5 credits short in algebra. The CAC also is helping Landis prepare to get his driver’s license.

Landis worked for the village last year when he was 18 via the CAC’s summer program.

Village Administrator Scott Porter and Councilman Donny Maupin were on hand for an unveiling of sorts of the vehicle on Thursday. Both said they were happy to have the donation.

“It’s a nice truck,” said Maupin.

“I just want to thank the guy who did it. It will allow us to keep up with the grass maintenance and such,” said Porter.

Maupin said the business he works for, ICR in Bellaire, recently sold the village two lawn mowers, two weed trimmers, a chain saw and yellow curb paint at a large discount.


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