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Dog Death Case Continued Again in Marshall County Magistrate Court

A defendant’s medical issues caused a preliminary hearing in the case of a woman accused of killing her neighbor’s dog to be continued Wednesday morning for the fifth time in the past six months.

Connie Tedrow stands accused of fatally shooting the dog in the head in October 2017 outside her neighbor’s home in Cameron. After several scheduled preliminary hearings have been continued for various reasons, Tedrow’s hearing Wednesday before Marshall County Magistrate Dave McLaughlin was pushed back again.

Her attorney, Kevin Neiswonger, said her physician had faxed a letter to the courts saying she was unable to attend because of medical problems.

“Apparently, her doctor faxed in a thing saying she was unable to be here,” Neiswonger said.

McLaughlin said the hearing had not been rescheduled, although it was expected sometime next week.

According to police, Tedrow told them the dog had killed her cat the week prior to the incident. When the neighbor’s dog then came after hers, she went inside, grabbed a gun and shot the dog to death.

Police said they were unable to find any trace of the dog having been on Tedrow’s property.

Tedrow remains out on bond.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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