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West Liberty University Geography, Planning Students Learn From the Pros in Moundsville

West Liberty University College of Liberal Arts students learned first hand about geography and how it impacts tourism when the class took a trip to the nearby Native American burial site known as the Grave Creek Mound.

Geography professor Robert Kruse introduced the class to Craig White, executive director of the Greater Moundsville Convention and Visitors Bureau, as they learned first hand how tourism works with geography.

“I am grateful to Craig for sharing his tourism strategies and giving my students a professional’s viewpoint on how geography goes hand in hand with tourism,” Kruse said.

Olivia Archey, a recent geography and planning graduate also is employed by Marshall County Tourism which is housed in the Mound Museum.

“This is the first time that I took my class ‘Geography of World Tourism’ to the mound and it turned out very well. Learning first hand from a professional like Craig is invaluable,” Kruse added.

The Grave Creek Mound Archeological Complex contains the largest conical mound of its kind and is a remnant of the Adena people dating back to 150 B.C. It was used as a burial site and took about 100 years to create. The complex also includes a museum where visitors can see exhibits and artifacts regarding the Mound and the Adena people.

The Geography and Planning major at WLU offers students a pathway to a variety of careers in jobs relating to land use and economic development, urban and regional planning, and positions in local government and organizations. The curriculum includes a required internship in which students apply concepts of geography and planning beyond the classroom.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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