Wheeling Police: Man Canes Attacker on Head


A Wheeling woman received a knock on the head with a cane after allegedly attempting to steal an elderly man’s wallet downtown.

The woman, Anita Rossi, 35, allegedly attempted to take the man’s wallet last week after he asked her for a ride to Pittsburgh. The two began to struggle when Rossi reached into the man’s back pocket to apparently take his wallet, and the man struck her on the head with his cane to get her to let go, police said.

The man called police, and officers arrested Rossi on Market Street, where she complained of being hit with a cane. When police found the victim, whom they described as having difficulty standing because of his broken cane, he identified Rossi as his alleged assailant.

Officers charged Rossi with robbery, and she is lodged in the Northern Regional Jail on $10,000 bond. Her preliminary hearing before Ohio County Magistrate George Fahey is set for Friday.

In a pair of unrelated incidents, two other people were arrested and charged with malicious battery.

On Jan. 1, Wheeling police arrested Thomas Kerry, 58 of Wheeling, after he allegedly struck a man in the head with a rock during an argument. The victim suffered massive facial and head trauma, which required his immediate hospitalization, and which police say left the man disfigured.

Witnesses said Kerry and the man had been involved in an argument, and when Kerry broke off to engage someone else, the victim interceded, resulting in Kerry allegedly striking him twice with the rock.

Kerry remains jailed in lieu of $25,000 bond. No hearing date has been set.

In another incident, police said Adam Heitman, 33 of Triadelphia was involved in an altercation Dec. 23, when he allegedly began striking his girlfriend in the head during an argument. The woman said he subsequently slammed her face several times into the table and floor, resulting in injuries to her face, head and neck. Officers noted that the woman appeared to be “missing a chunk of flesh” from her hand as well.

Police arrested Heitman and he remains jailed in lieu of $10,000 bond.


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