300 Winter Items Donated To Distribution Project

During January, the Marshall County FRN organized a Winter Accessories Distribution project for the third year, sponsored in part by Southwestern Energy.

This year, over 300 winter items have been given to local organizations and programs for distribution.

The provision of these items continues to be beneficial to area residents, so the FRN has been working to distribute winter items throughout the community again this year. Feedback from local schools and students has also indicated a need for blankets for some local teens.

As an extension of the Winter Accessories Distribution project, the FRN has also organized a blanket distribution for teens at two local schools where the items are needed. The blankets for the distribution were previously donated by Limestone Presbyterian Church, whose members also made the blankets by hand. The FRN felt this was an ideal time and use for the blankets, as very cold weather is descending upon the local area, and schools may close.

Nearly 40 blankets have been provided to students in need.

“Many of us do not have to worry about being cold inside our own homes,” said Stacie Dei, executive director of the FRN. “Unfortunately, for some this is a reality, whether due to lacking a warm winter wardrobe or turning the heat down to save money. Providing a blanket is a small step we can take to help some local students stay warm at home.”

The Marshall County FRN extends its gratitude to Southwestern Energy for its generosity and desire to give back to the community, and for helping to make projects like this possible. In addition, the FRN would like to thank Limestone Presbyterian Church and its members for their donation and time. The FRN truly appreciates the generosity and support of the community, which help to make its projects a success.

The Marshall County FRN is non-profit organization that is helping to make Marshall County a better place to live and work. For more information on the FRN, or the project, please contact the Marshall County FRN at (304) 845-3300.


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