Man Allegedly Provides Fake ID During Traffic Stop in Triadelphia

A man stopped while driving a suspected stolen vehicle found himself in even more trouble after allegedly providing false identification first to an Ohio County sheriff’s deputy, then to a magistrate judge.

On Jan. 29, deputies identified a car that had been reported stolen driving on McCutcheon Road, prompting a traffic stop. The driver, who was several hours later identified as Corey Hackathorn, 33, of Benwood, allegedly provided the deputy with a driver’s license belonging to another man, which was not immediately detected.

The deputy arrested Hackathorn and a passenger, at which time he continued to misrepresent his identity by signing two finger print cards with an illegible signature, a criminal complaint against Hackathorn stated. When brought before Magistrate Joe Roxby, Hackathorn again allegedly signed three arraignment forms under the name on the driver’s license, as well as a financial affidavit for a public defender.

When Roxby asked Hackathorn his date of birth, he reportedly had trouble reciting the date, prompting suspicion. Authorities were able to identify Hackathorn using the Wheeling Police Department’s database due to his tattoos and also his mugshot.

Hackathorn faces six counts of forgery, as well as a charge receiving or transferring stolen goods, all felonies, and remains lodged at Northern Regional Jail in Moundsville on $14,000 bond.

Deputies charged the passenger, Miranda Garrison, with obstructing an officer, a misdemeanor, after she also attempted to give a false name to the arresting officer. This incident occurred after providing her real name returned active warrants on unrelated charges.

Garrison remains lodged in jail on a $5,000 bond.


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