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Oglebay Foundation Honors Hydie Friend, Hess Family

Annual donor recognition breakfast held

Photo Provided Standing at the Pine Room following the Oglebay Foundation’s second donor recognition and awards breakfast are, from left, G. Randolph Worls, the foundation’s chairman emeritus; Hydie Friend; Betty Worls; Gary West; Flip West; Andy Hogan, representing the Hess Family; and Eriks Janelsin, president and CEO of the Oglebay Foundation.

The Oglebay Foundation this week honored a local woman who has spent years working toward the betterment of Oglebay and Wheeling Parks and a local family whose philanthropy has helped to fund improvements for the park system.

At its second annual donor recognition and awards breakfast, the Oglebay Foundation honored the Hess Family and Hydie Friend for exemplary contributions to Oglebay and Wheeling Parks. The breakfast event was held at Oglebay’s Pine Room.

The Gary and Flip West Leadership in Philanthropy Award was presented by the Wests to Andy Hogan who accepted for the Hess Family. The family’s long term, outstanding philanthropy has helped endow guest cottages, improve the swimming pools and has consistently supported facility improvements for decades.

Friend received the G. Randolph Worls Spirit of Oglebay Award for her commitment to the parks system over 25 years of service as a volunteer grant writer. Friend’s efforts have secured more than $10 million.

Friend’s award was presented by Worls.

Eriks Janelsins, Oglebay Foundation president and CEO, and David Lindelow, Wheeling Park Commission President and CEO, also thanked all Foundation donors, community partners and friends who attended. Both men underscored the critical role and impact of philanthropy on the growth and success of the parks.


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