Deinhardt Still Strong at 70

WHEELING — Miriam Deinhardt of Wheeling looks great for any age, even as she stood prepared for a 20-obstacle fitness challenge.

Deinhardt, 70, was among the competitors Sunday in the Tough as Nails Urban Challenge, now part of the Ogden Wellness Weekend. She is a longtime nurse for Dr. James Comerci, who also was present for events during the weekend as the medical tent physician.

A grandmother of five, Deinhardt considers herself above all else to be a rock climber. She and her family vacation out west each year, giving her an opportunity to hone her skills in Utah and Arizona.

Deinhardt didn’t start rock climbing until she was 51, and she began competitive running when she was 58. She lifts weights as part of her training and said she runs 30 miles each week.

The running has continued even though she had knee replacement surgery four years ago.

“This knee has 4,000 miles on it now,” she said. “Anyone who says you can’t run after a knee replacement is crazy.”

But there are limits, she acknowledged.

Most years Deinhardt runs the Ogden Newspapers Half Marathon Classic, though this year she did not so that she could compete in the Tough as Nails Urban Challenge instead.

“I’m getting too old now to do that much in two days,” she said.

Deinhardt said she always was an active person, even before getting involved with rock climbing and running.

She begins each day with a breakfast of oatmeal and juice.

“At this age, you have to stay healthy,” Deinhardt said. “I try to eat healthy, but sweets are my downfall.”


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