E.R. Nurses Up for the Challenge

Every day they handle the sprains, blood, broken bones and trauma cases that routinely come into Wheeling Hospital’s emergency room.

They say they’re used to it, so climbing rock walls and hundreds of stairs or carrying buckets of nails for a distance doesn’t faze them.

On Sunday, eight nurses from the Wheeling Hospital emergency room joined together to participate in the first-ever Tough as Nails Urban Challenge, now part of the Ogden Wellness Weekend. They said they did “nothing at all” to prepare for the grueling course of 20 obstacles that made up the challenge.

“We work in the ER — sometimes for 12 hours with no lunches or breaks,” Wendy Tripp said. “If we can do that, we can do this.”

Some of the nurses jokingly said their greatest challenge on the course would be to keep each other out of the emergency room. Their goals were stated simply.

“Don’t die,” Kelsey Folda said.

It’s all about friendship and teamwork, according to Tracy Howell.

“Teamwork makes the dream work,” she said.

Marcy Schultz said their effort was about showing the empowerment of women, while Kim Saffell said it was about “no woman being left behind.”

Some of the nurses said they do work out or at least walk on a regular basis, and they make an effort stay fit and healthy. Others indicated the obstacle they most were looking forward to seeing was the finish line.

“I’m looking forward to the free drink at the end,” Stacy Molnar said.


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